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2019-20 Varsity London Event Coverage

Welcome to the Varsity All-American London event page. Here you’ll find the best parade coverage, including photos, videos, news and more!

Photos & Videos

Facebook Album – Hundreds of photos from the Varsity London Tour from the participants, staff and social media team.

Photo Gallery  – The very best photography highlighting our favorite moments of the trip.

Varsity London Blog – A brief overlook of each day on the Varsity London Tour.

Varsity TV Event Hub – Varsity TV Coverage of #VarsityLondon, including photos, articles, news, and more.

Live Stream – Visit the website to watch the full live stream video.

Parade Testimonials

“My daughter and I had a fantastic time! Everyone with Varsity was super helpful. I enjoyed the things they had planned for us and also going out to explore on our own. I can’t wait to go back!”  Cassandra S. / Spectator

“This trip could not have been better!! Everything was so organized and it was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life! Everything we did was so fun and the parade was the best part! Thank you UCA, UDA, USA, NDA, and NCA for the perfect experience.”  Jaclyn Y. / Participant

“Such an AMAZING adventure with my daughter. Having everything pretty much planned out for us made things run so smoothly and we had wonderful group chaperones. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone and am so grateful my daughter and I were able to be a part of it all. Thanks, UCA & Varsity!!”  Holly P. / Spectator

“I had the time of my life!!! The chaperones were so much fun and all the girls there were, too! I am so thankful to have gotten this chance! The trip was definitely the opportunity of a lifetime!”  Olivia C. / Participant

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