Final Day from #VarsityLondon


We lived our best life in London this week. It’s all because of the people we’ve met, the places we’ve seen and the memories we’ve made. Today, the first day of an incredible year ahead, we gathered with thousands of others in the streets of London to participate in the New Year’s Day Parade. It was beyond our wildest expectations. While it was incredible to be able to [...]

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Day Four from #VarsityLondon


Just when we thought London couldn’t get any better, we experienced an England New Year’s Eve, and something incredible happened. From the locals to fellow foreigners, the celebration of a new year all sounds the same. It sounds like pure joy. Being in a different country for nearly a week, you start to realize how [...]

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Day Three from #VarsityLondon


Today was one of the most surreal days so far, up before dawn and at Windsor Castle before breakfast! Windsor is a quiet town, an hour west of London. The drive made for a memorable “mini road-trip” through the countryside of England. Imagine the narrow, winding roads and fairy tale-like towns leading to our destination. To sum it [...]

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Day Two from #VarsityLondon


What a day! We keep thinking we’ll wake up from this London dream, but today was one of those days that makes us wish there were eight days a week. The day started at Abbey Road Crossing, right outside of Abbey Road Studios. For those who don’t know, this was the Beatles stomping ground back in the 60’s, [...]

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Day One from #VarsityLondon


Henry and Liza here! There’s nothing quite like waking up in London, especially on a day like today. London is known for many attributes, but one of the more prominent is the typical, day-to-day, cloudy and overcast weather. Today was definitely not the norm and in the words of the Beatles, “here comes the sun.” The weather was [...]

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Varsity London Preview with @UCALiza


Hi! My name is Liza and I am the UCA Marketing Director at the Varsity Spirit Headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. In just a couple of days hundreds of All-Americans will be packing their bags and making the trip to one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world for the Varsity London All-American tour. I can [...]

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